Monday, February 24, 2020
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7-Eleven Rant! Woman Goes Off On Store Clerk


“This what the f*ck I voted for, this what the f*ck my people fought for” Based on how the video starts off, It’s hard to tell what was said initially. The woman in this video shown wearing a black jacket apparently felt disrespected. It seems like she was offended by something that was said to her. We are not completely sure what was said to her but whatever was said to her; really offended her. Her anger is clearly towards the store clerk / 7-Eleven employee. The Woman in the black jacket is heard saying “talking bout you hate…cause I am black” “You’re racist as hell…black people tired of it” With that being said apparently there was some type of malice or intent to offend the customer. The store clerk apparently is responsible for this malice according to the customer.

Everyone should be treated with respect, All people are equal regardless of their skin color. 7-Eleven do better!