Alexis Skyy & Rob Kardashian Have Dinner at His House


Published on Jan 20, 2019   by InTheBlack

Just days after Blac Chyna and Alexis Skyy has an altercation, Rob Kardashian made Alexis his WCW and then they had dinner together at his house. Rob isn’t in the video since he doesn’t ever like to be on camera, but he did post her cooking for him on his IG. Watch The Latest Trending Free Hip Hop Music Videos Online Watch Live Unexpected Cringeworthy Videos on

One Reply to “Alexis Skyy & Rob Kardashian Have Dinner at His House”

  1. Rob don’t be no simp, she gonna put a baby on yo ass and get that kardashian check. Don’t do it bro it’s the oldest game in the hood

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