Monday, August 3, 2020
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An Old Man in a Wheelchair Caused a Painter to Fall on a Ladder


A painter fell from the top of a staircase of approximately 32 feet in the district of San Martin de Porres. However, it was not a simple accident, because a old man in a wheelchair was caught by security cameras causing the fall.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon in block 2 of San Juan Bautista street. In the video the old man is seen moving along the path to a staircase and shake it violently causing the painter, Francisco Fernandez Sanchez (46), will fall apathetically on the road.

The images show that the metal ladder was supported by a three-story house and to give it greater stability it had been tied to a door with a rope, which hindered part of the path. Apparently this would have been the reason why the man was enraged.

The Lord Adam Carranza, who came to his home and went with his granddaughter in a car, said that if the ladder had tilted to the other side could have fallen on them.

“This fact is unfortunate, because in an intentional way the ladder of the worker who was painting my house was demolished. Thank God there have been no cases to regret, the boy is alive,” he told RPP News.

He also denied that the noose placed hindered the passage of the man in a wheelchair. “He had already passed quietly, and in a minute and a half he returns enraged and pulls the stairs intentionally,” he said.

In addition, he assured that it is not the first time that the old man has altercations with the neighbors and that this afternoon he had argued with a lady who “kindly” had helped him with his wheelchair.

The painter Francisco Fernandez He has no fractures, but he has been prescribed pain relievers for pain caused by a blow in the Cayetano Heredia Hospital.

The man in a wheelchair is not yet identified, but it is known that he sells bags and incense in the Palao market in San Martin de Porres. The complaint was filed with the district police station.