Bodycam Video Shows Utah Officer Fatally Shoot Fleeing Man


Published on Oct 6, 2017   by InTheBlack

Police in fatally shot a man from behind while he was running away from officers, according to newly released footage, which has sparked accusations of racial profiling and a ‘brutal execution’. Prosecutors in Salt Lake City have said officers were justified in killing Patrick Harmon, 50, who was pulled over for riding a bicycle without a light and who attempted to flee when police tried to arrest him. Police are not facing charges despite the fact that the body-camera captured officer Clinton Fox shouting ‘I’ll fucking shoot you!’ from a distance before he fired three bullets into Harmon, who was running in the opposite direction. Salt Lake officials have claimed that the killing of Harmon was legal because the officers feared for their lives, even though the video, released to , revealed that Harmon was not advancing toward them.

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