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Bride Sets Internet On Fire With Epic Wedding Reception Entrance


Houston bride sets internet on fire with EPIC wedding reception entrance. HOUSTON — It’s a wedding unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. A bride, wearing sexy SHORT shorts, thigh high boots, a bustier and a Mardi Gras mask made an entrance into her reception that the crowd surely had never seen before. To those who know and love her, Stephanie Kamay James has always been one hot firecracker, and they were used to her energetic, larger than life personality. But when it came to the day she became Mrs. Justin Payne, they knew they were in for one heck of a party — but guests may have not been quite ready for what was really in store. The build-up was quite impressive, and caught everyone off guard. First Stephanie dazzled the audience in a stunning gold dress … breaking tradition from the standard white wedding gown.

And she serenaded her husband when she reached the front, finishing off her wedding march song, “This is Why I Love You,” by Major. The next outfit change was a floor-length, backless white gown that showed off her Southern curves as she and her husband jammed into the wedding reception for their first dance as a married couple. And then, the bride stepped away for yet another outfit change. When she re-entered the room, this “true to herself” woman showed her groom and her attendees exactly why they love her so much….because she is full of life and knows how to bring a crowd to its feet!

Enter the bride… rump shaking to a hot mix, turning a forward flip, then trotting toward her husband and sliding across the floor in a split — perfectly timed out to stop at his feet. And the guests — well, they were all on their feet, yelling with excitement and amazement. In Any Event Watch Latest Trending Videos Online On Imperial Hip Hop.