Catholic University Librarian Calls Police On Student Trying To Study


Published on Oct 28, 2018   by InTheBlack

Catholic University of America law student working in the schools law library called police on a black student who she found “argumentative” something she “didn’t appreciate it.” Catholic University graduate student Juán-Pabló Gonźalez was trying to use the law library. He’s not a law student but said he had been given permission. Law student and student library clerk Brittany McNurlin was not having it. They went back and forth and ultimately, she called the police on Gonźalez. Seven campus police officers show up. Gonźalez told The Root that he’s encountered racism on the campus before including “notes with the n-word being slipped under his dormitory room door and being questioned by campus police after someone reportedly called the cops on ‘two suspicious black males’ standing outside their dorm. Gonźalez told The Root, “I’m not going to accept the racism that’s on this campus. I’m not going to be quiet, and I’m going to challenge it.” He recorded his encounter with McNurlin, which has been dubbed ‘studying while black.’

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