Cheat Code: Look At Her | How To Get Thicker Thighs


Published on Mar 7, 2018   by InTheBlack

Cheat Code: Look At Her | How To Get Thicker Thighs

??Love Yourself?? #ItsTheScience ° Shoutout to my husband @lutherfreeman for his guidance & giving me his science to transform my body & my mind? .. The BODY will come~ Developing a Fierce love for yourself is the daily task you will have to choose to take on to achieve it. .. I know what it's like to feel lost and hopeless. When I left my past marriage, what broke my heart the most was the desperate LACK of love I had accepted and adopted for myself. I was so ashamed that I'd become this shell of a woman. I was ashamed to have to start all over again because it felt like I was the only one with the biggest mess up. I needed to see WHY I was ever gonna be worth fighting for, again. So I started with me, then God saw fit to give me a man who REFLECTED the exact thing I lacked MOST- Value and such sweet healing love ❤️ @LutherFreeman! It wouldn't have been enough for me to simply "decide" I wanted to get in better shape for revenge. I needed open heart surgery to start removing the lies, judgements and lack of respect I had adopted as beliefs for myself! I KNOW a lot of people can relate to this feeling so I can tell you I KNOW how hard it is to see yourself differently. But the hope is, just the same principle of daily affirmation of those negative beliefs. Once you begin practicing new more loving, healing habits, thoughts & environments- Your mentality will shift. So chin up Love, if you didn't believe you're GREAT, amazing, stunning and WORTHY of all the love. Now's the time to start BELIEVING like it. Change your environment, change your patterns, feed the good and starve the negatives! Every single "penny" tips the scale just like every living action changes your beliefs. Start there. A great tool to begin the process is Our Program! It'll help you get disciplined and focus on YOU. As you focus on YOU, you'll see the weight come off. You'll see your body shape change & suddenly your external will begin to MATCH the healing coming to your internal❤️ #30DayTransformationTeam GetThick?? ..

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