Cheating Wife Got Busted By Her Husband In A Motel


Published on Mar 18, 2018   by InTheBlack

Cheating Wife Got Busted By Her Husband In A Motel. Backstory: The plan was that her husband told her he was going to a party, since he works with musicians, but it was all a plan to pursue her and record with a video what she was going to do. She says that the young girl went to school and then leaves the school she gets into a taxi with a man and they go to the cabin, her husband and her friend keep recording everything. When arriving at the cabin, the husband approaches, he knocks on the door so that she leaves, since the husband what he wanted was to record it to have proof of the infidelity. But at the moment that all this develops, the administration of the cabin calls the police because they do not know what is happening and thinking that a misfortune can happen. The police arrive, take the young woman and the lover out of the cabin and take them to all detainees, including the husband and the friend. Then all were released, but the husband was detained to be investigated for a shotgun he carried. However, the narrator says that the husband lasted four days imprisoned, because the girl went ahead and filed a complaint.

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  1. There are times people cheat, where cheating amounts to deceiving the person you’re with because you want your cake and to eat it…

    But this seems like a case where a person was trapped in a failed relationship with no safe way out…

    That said…

    Judging by the squad car and its insignia, this incident took place in “La Republica Dominicana”. And this country is highly religious when it comes to marital vows but no so much when it comes to how men treat their women at times…

    One thing is for sure, they’re all lucky “La policia nacional” was involved because there is a good chance one of more people would have met the business end of a shotgun otherwise…

  2. The whole shit backfired on the husband. While he was locked up for 4 days after she filed a complaint, she fucked that same nigga peacefully ?

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