Classroom Attack Stirs Social Media | Creekland Middle School


Published on Jan 27, 2018   by InTheBlack

Classroom Attack Stirs Social Media | Creekland Middle School. A video of a violent incident between two girls at Creekland Middle School began circulating earlier this week on on social media. The incident happend on Monday, Jan. 22, when a seventh-grade girl hit another girl with a chair, then hit her in the head with her hand, said Gwinnett County Schools officials. The names of students haven’t been released, but Principal Eddie Maresh sent home a letter to parents “to reassure you that we are aware of this situation and have dealt with it appropriately.” Maresh wrote, “As you know we are focused on providing students with a safe and positive teaching and learning environment. Although the vast majority of our students follow school rules, when misbehavior occurs we deal with it quickly. In addition, we work directly with the parents of the students who are involved in a situation.” The student who is seen hitting the other was charged with simple batttery, according to Channel 2 Action News.

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