Dads Accused Of Stealing Gets Arrested In Front Of Kids


Published on Nov 25, 2018   by InTheBlack

Two dads claim they were racially profiled as they were arrested in front of their sons only to be released minutes later. Ro Locket had taken his two children and best friend Brandon Kibart for some Christmas shopping to the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas, USA, when they say they were stopped by four police officers on November 21. After they claim they were accused of stealing by the officers, Ro, dressed all in grey, and Brandon, wearing a red jumper, appear to comply completely as handcuffs are applied in the middle of the mall, leaving their shopping bags in front of them. Moments later a shop assistant in a blue shirt starts to go through the plastic bags to check for receipts which are quickly found.

2 Replies to “Dads Accused Of Stealing Gets Arrested In Front Of Kids”

  1. That’s some fucking bullshit the father should get most powerful lawyer on the land and sue these bastards HARD including the ‘slave patrol’.

  2. Once they put me into handcuffs, I would have become the biggest asshole in Texas (already the biggest in California) Officer, I demand an immediate hearing. Please inventory and start a chain of custody. No you can’t see my receipts, without my lawyer present. Also I believe this would be a misdemeanor (under 1000 dollars, so you don’t have probable cause to search. Please take me out of the public and preserve my dignity if not I will start calling for a lawyer at the top of my lungs. Officers if you allow that person to search my stuff I will start a civil lawsuit against you for violations of my 4th admendment unlawful search and seizure. Young lady once you remove my purchases, you know own them and I demand a full refund. No officer you can’t take the cuffs off here I fear for my safety. Please as I said before take me to an immediate hearing and you’ll be able to take the cuffs off in front of witness.

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