Friday, May 29, 2020
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Dallasite Goes Viral for His Perfectly Juicy, Tender Smoked Turkey Legs


“If it don’t fall off the bone, it’s free.” That’s the motto Corey Bradley Jr. of Corey’s Catering goes by when it comes to his turkey legs.

The Dallas native has become quite the overnight sensation after a Twitter video of a customer shaking the meat off his turkey leg went viral — 1.3 million views viral. Bradley sells turkey legs at pop-ups around the city. On a rainy, cold Tuesday night, we caught up with the turkey leg king himself.

“I’ve been making these kind of turkey legs for a year and a half,” Bradley Jr. says.

When we asked Bradley the secret to his tender turkey, he says it’s not much of a secret.

“I have it down to a science to where I can pretty much fire my smoker up and cook them,” he says. “A lot of my stuff I don’t taste anymore, because when I first make something, I measure everything so it’s consistent. Everybody loves consistency.”

This tender turkey meat does, indeed, fall right off the bone. Dalila Thomas

And that’s just what’s bringing people like Quincy Trailer all the way from Terrell for a taste.

“I found out about Corey from Facebook. I saw it, I just wanted to make sure it was consistent,” Trailer says after trying a small bite. “I just had some, and I don’t think it’s going to last on the ride back,” he said with a laugh.

Bradley is true to his word: The turkey leg is free if the meat doesn’t fall off the bone when you shake it. If and when the meat does fall off the bone, Corey’s turkey legs are $12 or two for $20, a price and flavor that make you say, “State Fair who?” He’s serving them up with his take on Kool-Aid, which he also makes himself. To find out where Corey and his turkey legs will be, follow him on social media.