Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Deadpool 2 Introduces Cable With Clever (And Spoiler-Free) Trailer


Deadpool 2 Introduces Cable With Clever (And Spoiler-Free) Trailer. Well, this is a surprise. One week before Valentine’s Day, which was when the next official trailer for the untitled Deadpool sequel was supposed to drop, Fox went and debuted this kinda-sorta trailer for the movie introduces its big new character. And, in a move that makes me hope that they are taking my advice, much of the trailer is done up in a way that gives away almost nothing from the movie itself. As you’ll see from the 124-second clip, you do get plenty of context-free moments from the movie, including a roll call of new and returning characters. Yes, Morena Baccarin is back, as is essentially any surviving character from the previous film. While I hope that this early tease doesn’t mean we’re getting a deluge of pre-release marketing materials which actually contains in-movie footage, this is a nice example of having your cake and eating it too. To be fair, none of the Cable footage, which is somewhat generic by design, gives away much in terms of plot and story, and the final gag is actually pretty funny. This is still a case of Fox holding its cards close to the vest, which is admirable considering we’re three months out from the release date.