Video Shows Man Kicking Elderly Woman In Face On NYC Subway


Published on Mar 23, 2019   by InTheBlack

An elderly woman was repeatedly kicked in the face and body during a savage Bronx subway attack caught on video. The video shows the man assaulting the 78-year-old victim as she is sitting in a northbound No. 2 train around 3 a.m. March 10, police said. The woman, who was alone, tries to defend herself as he continues to attack her — all while other straphangers can be heard shouting in the background. As the train was stopped at Nereid Avenue, the man yells something at his victim before turning around, looking at the camera and shouting, “WorldStar that” — referring to the popular social media page that is filled with violent videos. He then got off the train.

2 Replies to “Video Shows Man Kicking Elderly Woman In Face On NYC Subway”

  1. Wow everyone on that train needs to be beaten down hard as fuk no one did shit a bunch of puwsy as niggas right there I would have messed that dudes life up real good hope he gets raped in prison u kno he caught

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