Driver Destroys Car In Road Rage Incident |


Published on Feb 27, 2018   by InTheBlack

Driver Destroys Car In Road Rage Incident | Jackson police say it all started as a civil dispute between two people involving a car. According Sgt. Roderick Holmes, the car was reportedly given to the driver days before this parking lot incident. Then Sunday at Walmart Supercenter, the previous owner of the car wanted the vehicle back. Police say the driver refused to hand over the keys to the car. Instead, the driver behind the wheel deliberately rams the car into the concrete posts outside the store, doing some major damage to the car. The cell phone footage also shows police drive up and at the same time a man walks out the store, punches and shatters the car window. Sgt. Holmes say the driver has been arrested and no one was injured. Walmart Jackson, MS.

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