European Lady Gets Upset That She Is Not Allowed A Refund On Her Shoes


Published on Nov 7, 2017   by InTheBlack

Story: This just happened at a shoe shop in the UK. I walked in and the lady was demanding a refund on shoes that she bought but could not provide a receipt. Because she was getting so mad, the employee in the video told her she could have a refund if she could provide a bank statement. She left and returned a few minutes later with what looked like a handwritten note (that presumably she had written) on a note-card from the bank. The employee told her this is not a bank statement and she still could not have a refund. She started swearing loudly at the guy and trying to grab the computer’s mouse off him so she could “find it herself.” I had to stop filming because another employee came over to assist me, but eventually she tried to hit the guy and he rang shopping centre security. It took 3 security guards to drag her out kicking and screaming, while everyone else in the shop watched on in amazement. Apologies for the vertical filming

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