He’s Going To Prison For Shooting A Cop, The Cop Taunted Him With K-Y Jelly In Court


Published on Dec 1, 2017   by InTheBlack

He’s going to prison for shooting a cop, The cop taunted him with K-Y Jelly in court. Rojas’ shots missed the officer’s son, AP reports, but ended up hitting the officer three times, according to police. The officer shot back, but Rojas fled the scene by stealing another vehicle, and then barricaded himself in a house. Other officers pursued him, and shot Rojas three times before he was apprehended.A Florida police officer was taking his 14-year-old child to school in March 2016 when he spotted a reckless driver. Though he wasn’t on duty, the Jacksonville, Fla. officer tried to pull over Kevin Rojas, who was then 19, the Associated Press reports. That’s when Rojas got out of his white Cadillac and started shooting at the officer, police said. The officer was sporting a ballistic vest that said “police” on it at the time, WLTV reports. When the officer spoke at Rojas’ sentencing this week, he pulled out a bottle of the personal lubricant K-Y Jelly, the Florida Times-Union reports.

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