Kendrick Lamar Interrupts White Fan After She Raps The N-word Onstage


Published on May 22, 2018   by InTheBlack

Kendrick Lamar Interrupts White Fan After She Raps The N-word Onstage. Kendrick Lamar was forced to step in after the white female fan he invited up on stage at a music festival dropped the N-word three times while rapping along to the star’s song. Lamar, 30, was in the middle of his Sunday night set at the Hangout Music Festival in Alabama when he invited several lucky fans on stage to join him in performing his 2012 track “m.A.A.d city.” After a concertgoer named Rohan “killed it,” as one Twitter user said, and respectfully avoided rapping the racial slur, a young attendee named Delaney hopped on stage to join Lamar. Delaney skipped the word the first time it came up, but failed to censor herself on the second, third and fourth times, prompting an audible groan from the crowd. Lamar quickly cut the music, and repeatedly said, “Wait” after the third N-word left Delaney’s mouth. (Watch NSFW video here.) “Am I not cool enough for you, what’s up, bro?” she said, eliciting boos and foul language from the audience. “My boy Rohan kinda knew the rules a little bit,” Lamar explained. “You gotta bleep one single word, though.” Delaney quickly apologized and questioned whether she’d actually said the word – to which the Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper confirmed that, yes, she did.

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