Kiah Morris: Vermont Representative Resigns After Racial Harassment


Published on Oct 20, 2018   by InTheBlack

Democratic lawmaker Kiah Morris has been threatened from the moment she became the first black woman to be elected into Vermont’s Legislature in 2014.
And when the threats didn’t stop and continued to evolve — going as far as a break-in while the family was home and eventually escalating to vandalism and death threats seen by Morris’ young son, Morris says she had no other choice but to resign.

4 Replies to “Kiah Morris: Vermont Representative Resigns After Racial Harassment”

  1. Daaaammnnn soooo MLK, Malcolm X, Farrakhan and ect. I’m sure they gotten mad threats to burning crosses and some next shit and she couldn’t just modify her living situation for the sake of positive change? Our ancestors are rolling in there grave….

    1. Modify what?…she has young children…move away from home?…remember Dr. King and Malcom moved away from home prior to their murders…so you see how that turned out? Medgar Evans stayed home and was murdered on his door step…apparently she is not getting any help from local law inforcement…and she reps a district she have to live in her district…she not a civil rights actavist she is an elected official…she has to go to work everyday…

      1. Wait a minute I understand the safety issue of it all and I can’t imagine what this woman has gone through
        But their is a bigger issue here and just like 60-70 years ago she is being intimidated and it shouldn’t be tolerated
        No help from local law enforcement call FBI to investigate
        Don’t give up
        Her situation maybe the catalyst for escalation

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