Korean Man Explains How They Make Money Off Black People


Published on Feb 6, 2018   by InTheBlack

Korean Man Explains How They Make Money Off Black People. Starting At 4:50 Mark. We Just Gotta Get On Our Game And Figure Out What They Like And Do The Same To Them…or Stop Purchasing From Them.

16 Replies to “Korean Man Explains How They Make Money Off Black People”

  1. This is the most uncomfortable panel discussion ever, they are a bit racist no I take that back they are very racist. if you have no representation of a race on a panel discussion try to avoid such topics that’s mainly about the absent race because you will sound ignorant to the fact and that’s how racism is farmed. You all look uncomfortable as fuck the only person came off credible was the Asian guy who’s parents owned the store because he was speaking with a bit of knowledge

  2. Here’s the many proofs out there this one of them . Ppl are obsessed with black culture. Do you hear Blk ppl talking about what white ppl do in the morning no b/c we don’t think about y’all BWHAAAAAAAAA . Everyone on that wack ass podcast kys .

  3. This just the way it isssss!! Niggas been stealing for decadesss!! Yeah yeah yeah yeah!! This just the way it isss!!! Monkeeyyyysss!!! Ahhh! Ahhh! Oooh! Oooh!

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