Migos Drop ”Ice Tray” Video Preview With Joe Budden Look-Alike


Published on Dec 15, 2017   by InTheBlack

Migos is doing all they can to hype up Quavo’s upcoming “Ice Tray” video, and now, the group has released a teaser for the upcoming visuals. As it was previously reported, the video features look-alikes for Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis—the co-hosts of Everyday Struggle. The “Ice Tray” teaser kicks off with a spoof of the show’s set, changing the web series’ title to “Old Rappers Struggling.” Fake Joe Budden then slams his hat to the ground before saying, “Man, they not about the culture. They making hundreds of thousands in shows, million dollars in endorsements.” He continues, “Look at they jewelry. I ain’t have jewelry like that.” The preview ends with the Budden look-alike flipping a table and yelling, “It’s not hip-hop!”

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