No Lacking Challenge Ends With Gun Shot To Head


Published on Jan 28, 2018   by InTheBlack

No Lacking Challenge: Moronic social media challenge ends with gunshot to the head. The guy who came up with the No Lacking Challenge for social media accidentally shot a friend in the head in a diner. Wasn’t even supposed to have a handgun. Victim in critical.

17 Replies to “No Lacking Challenge Ends With Gun Shot To Head”

  1. all the things a person can use they mind for and this is the dumb shit you come up with and even dumber people join the ban wagon

  2. This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard of, guns are not toys. This goes to the lack of guidance in some of our communities. No fathers,and mothers working two jobs. The babies are foced to raise themselves.

  3. Come on dumb to all y’all dumb motherfuckers that playing the no lack challenge should go n get y’all waterguns or paintball guns n let’s save lives n it’s no difference you still gonna get wet but no blood with them waterguns or paintball so take my advice n let’s save lives no need to be gangsta for the camera looking more like a self snitching ass

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