How Not To Execute An Extraction During A Shootout


Published on Mar 13, 2018   by InTheBlack

How Not To Execute An Extraction During A Shootout. JOHANNESBURG – A suspect has been killed and another arrested following a failed cash heist in Randburg. An armed group attempted to rob a cash-in-transit vehicle along Oak Avenue when it came under attack. In this video, a suspect is seen firing a rifle in the direction of the cash van.It had been rammed into by a vehicle belonging to the robbers. The security officers shot back, killing one of them. Netcare 911 spokesman Tebogo Magoro said the suspect — who is believed to be in his thirties — suffered fatal wounds. “The suspects abandoned two vehicles in close proximity to the scene,” said Magoro. “The suspects left the deceased suspect in one of the cars before hijacking another vehicle and fleeing the scene.

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