Saturday, June 6, 2020
Home News Puerto Rico: Police Officers Aggressively Arrest Women

Puerto Rico: Police Officers Aggressively Arrest Women


A woman was arrested for allegedly becoming aggressive with police officers in the middle of a traffic intervention at about 10:00 am on Sunday, at the Nazario Street intersection Jesús M. Ortiz, in Culebra.

According to preliminary information, the agents intervened with the driver of a white Ford Ranger pick-up and of 2002, identified as Agustín Santiago, because he was carrying a woman in the vehicle’s box.

After the intervention, the woman, identified as Verónica Rivera Cabrera, 39, of Hatillo, became aggressive with the agents when she threw coffee at Agent Samuel Pratt Acevedo and assaulted him in the face. While he bit agent Wilfredo Santiago García in the right leg.

For the incident, she was arrested for assault and obstruction of justice.

The case was consulted with a prosecutor for filing criminal charges and cited for Monday.