Save Amna Trends On Twitter As Saudi Woman Who Escaped Abusive Father Disappears


Published on Oct 28, 2017   by InTheBlack

In one of two videos shared by her friends on Twitter, the abuse victim Amna Al Juaid is heard speaking in Arabic, saying: “I am recording this video today, because it might be the last video in my life and also for you to know I am real and I am here.” “If this video comes out, along with other things, then know that something has happened to me,” she added. In another video, recorded in English, the young woman explained she was verbally and physically abused by her own father. She then added that after enduring years of abuse, she finally fled her home when her abusive father tried to force her into marrying a cousin. Al Juaid also stated that she now risks punishment because under Saudi Arabia’s male guardianship system, being absent from home is considered a criminal offense, even if a woman is fleeing abuse. Even though the kingdom criminalized domestic abuse in 2013, women who suffer from violence at the hands of their male guardians find it extremely difficult to escape and legally charge their abusers. #SaveAmna

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