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Saving Black Marriages | Sista Spitting Facts… Or Nah?


Saving Black Marriages | Sista Spitting Facts… Or Nah? goddis_sixfootah: If you advocate for black economics then you HAVE to advocate for black marriage. They go hand in hand. When you’re building with your people .. a stricture made of wealth, education, investing, that’s great .. but if you’re not laying all that good stuff on that solid foundation of black marriage and legacy building then you are an enemy to your people. Putting them in a cycle of getting nowhere. Building wealth to leave it all to the white community? For centuries when white women wanted that black d*ck our men were forced to give it to them or face false rape allegations which meant death. And our women, well our bodies were just took off rip. And here n*ggas are years later still scared to tell wypipo that they can’t have their penis or wombs. It’s like our greatest fear. Have you ever wondered what’s it to white people? Like why do they get SO upset and cut you off if you are for black marriage only. They take that as you hating them.. you would think if they claim to not be racist then they would be OK with us doing what is best for us right? Well the reason they get so upset is because essentially they know that leads to their eventual extinction. And they also don’t feel sexually validated without us. So they take it as you want them to die which is what hate is. Let go of that fear brothas and sistars. Time to put our own insecurities and indulgent (talking about love is love, f*ck love it’s not enough and never was this is about life or death) behaviors aside and do what’s best for our future generations. Black love IS the revolution. In Any Event Watch Latest Trending Videos Online On Imperial Hip Hop.

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