SBBW Practicing Her Jump Shot |


Published on May 23, 2018   by InTheBlack

SBBW Practicing Her Jump Shot | In Any Event Watch Latest Trending Videos Online On Imperial Hip Hop.

24 Replies to “SBBW Practicing Her Jump Shot |”

      1. Niggas don’t approve this type of beast….. We save this for them niggaz tryna get a green card lmfao facts

    1. Fuck outta here we don’t fuck with big bitches like this…….. Are u married to something that resembles this????

  1. Problem is there making it cool to be soooooo over weight. This bitch about to die and then the caption will say Remember the Cow who played B. BALL

  2. The Michelin Woman. That’s why I have always said. After the NBA season. The world goes bad until football starts. Ppl only have Baseball. Fuck baseball. They being racist on this one. It’s too much and too deep to explain.

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