Security Guard Body Slams Unruly Man | WWE Slam


Published on Jan 27, 2018   by InTheBlack

Security Guard Body Slams Unruly Man | WWE Slam. Dude Talking Trash To Security Guard Gets Body slammed Into The Next Dimension [VIDEO] Two unidentified men walked into a restaurant and began shouting at a security guard, who then instantly body-slammed one of the men into the floor, a video shows. The video shows two men walk into a restaurant and make a scene. Shortly thereafter, the security guard grabs one of them, bashes their head against a hostess stand, and delivers arguably the most devastating body slam of all time. The only thing that could make this video any better would be if WWE commentator Jim Ross were there to yell “somebody stop the damn match!”

18 Replies to “Security Guard Body Slams Unruly Man | WWE Slam”

  1. Tiny dude seemed mentally challenged or drunk. Either way that was overkill. I think the news said that the big dude wasn’t even security.

    1. Stfu…people always joking on security guards about their jobs…but when they handle their business then its overkill or they letting their power go to their head..people had shit to say when the security guard shot those two dumbasses trying to rob the 7-11 …so FOH!

      1. Calm down youngin. I’ve never heard anyone “joking on security guards about their jobs”. That shit was definitely overkill. The mf isn’t even a security guard.

      1. No, I grew during the era where the next Black man was a soul brother, not a nigga… We grew up giving each other five and dap… And if things did come to blows, we went in one on one and with fists… and when it was over, typically the beef was squashed and we accepted that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose…

        We weren’t like you violent punks who are afraid to get hurt, afraid to fight fair, and afraid to truly respect each other…

        It’s sad that you’ve never known a world where Black men were trying to better themselves through marketable skills and higher education… trying to win the hearts of one woman… and trying to be good dads, good sons, good brothers, good nephews, good friends and good neighbors…

        I am from a time where being a man meant you were responsible, not strapped… or a man whore…

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