Tampa Goons Put Bounty On Kodak Black’s Head


Published on Jan 6, 2018   by InTheBlack

Tampa Goons Not Feeling Kodak Black Saying He Runs Florida, So They Put A Price On His Head.

10 Replies to “Tampa Goons Put Bounty On Kodak Black’s Head”

  1. Nigga…i’m 40yrs 407 FLA !!! i can’y really call this tho. sometimes my folk be feelin some type of way bout whatever. they have that right and they can do what they feel

  2. hATERS ! plain n simple…. what other type of music industry want to fight n kill each other so easily !
    Blacks just act sooo dumb sometimes over nothing…. i got mo money den u , u disrespect my town….clowns
    whites , asians, mexicans, italians, jews, indian….. nobody says or think this dumb shit ! blacks are there worse enemy…fucking pathetic TAMPON goon !
    yo ass scared of dat white man though….

  3. Big deal. So, you have a little money! What are you doing with it too help improve your community in Tampa? That goes for Kodak Black too!

  4. Thats what the fuck is wrong with the black community and the white man just sits back and watch us commit genocide on each other..So what the nigga said he run Florida?Thats a reason to want the nigga dead??Niggas need to wake the fuck up..

  5. Why would you make a video like this? Shit, back home you’d get killed. Wtf would you give a m’fer the heads up? Retarded

  6. when Chance said this not 1 dumb stable dope dealer stepped up because who goofy enough to be to make a scene . Niggas get cases threw on them for pettiness lol Now your operations are at 0%.

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