The First BLACK PANTHER Toy Commercial Has Arrived


Published on Jan 5, 2018   by InTheBlack

Next month, Marvel’s Black Panther will arrive in theaters and bring fans into the futuristic African nation of Wakanda as King T’Challa tries to save his people and his crown. And while the trailers for the film have offered older fans a taste of the action ahead, Marvel hasn’t forgotten their younger fans. Hasbro has more than just Black Panther action figures for children to play with. The company has unveiled its first commercial for the other Black Panther toys, which allows kids a chance to try on some of T’Challa’s signature costume. Source: nerdist

4 Replies to “The First BLACK PANTHER Toy Commercial Has Arrived”

  1. Aaaaaaaand thats why these movies suck now…..Cause they’d rather use them to sell toys to kids then to use them to tell a good story with an actual plot.

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