Tr3yway / Shotti | AFTER They Were Famous | Life In Prison?


Published on Nov 21, 2018   by InTheBlack

At the time of this recording Tekashi 6ix9ine’s long time friend and acting manager Shotti, aka Tr3way, aka Kifano L Jordan has been marched off to the slammer and the world is waiting on pins and needles to find out the boys fate. It’s been a crazy come up for this crew and Shotti went from an unknown to becoming the official catchphrase of the summer. Everyone has been screaming Tr3way! With all the headlines and success the crew were receiving… They were also surrounded by controversy, arrests, shootings and speculation about having gang affiliation with the bloods. In a last ditch effort Tekashi tried to distance himself from his crew but Shotti is a man who has been on the other side of the law for quite some time.

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