Video Of White School Teacher Spits On Black Man & Call Him A N**ger


Published on Mar 16, 2019   by InTheBlack

HAMDEN – A video of a woman cursing and screaming racial epithets in a supermarket has cost her job with the Hamden school system.

The video, recorded Friday night in the East Haven ShopRite and posted on Instagram, begins with her already shouting. The post says nothing about what might have preceded the recording. The woman says ‘Don’t you dare talk to me like that in front of my kids, motherf—–!” She then repeatedly calls the people recording her the N-word, while the two young children with her watch.

At one point the woman taunts the person filming, daring them to ‘put your hands on me’. She takes out a cellphone in an apparent attempt to also start recording. At that point the camera rapidly moves off the woman towards the side and then returns to her, and she says “You motherf—–!” As the camera operator moves away from the woman, she spits on the floor between them.

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