Thursday, January 23, 2020
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WATCH: Church leader tells teen she’s ‘too fat’ to wear shorts


SWANSBORO, N.C. (KRON) – A young woman has received support from all over the world after a now-viral video she posted shows a church leader who followed her into the bathroom allegedly telling her she was too fat to wear shorts.

The encounter happened at Swansboro United Methodist Church in North Carolina.

Twitter user Jenna recorded and uploaded the video to Twitter, writing, “This woman followed me into the bathroom and attacked me calling me fat and that I couldn’t wear jean shorts because I was too fat.”

Jenna can be heard off camera fighting back tears, telling the woman – whose name tag reads Bonnie – “I f***ing love who I am! Get the f*** out of my face.”

This all happens after Jenna questions the woman, saying “So you’re sitting here calling me fat?”

Bonnie responds, “Oh you don’t think you are?”

Bonnie is seen on camera wagging her finger at Jenna, chastising her for swearing.

“Don’t swear at me like that again… don’t come back on that stage with those shorts. I’m warning you,” Bonnie says.

“Who are you? Who are you to tell me what I’m supposed to do? No. Get the f*** out of my face. Get out. I am 19 years old and I can do whatever I want,” she says.

“Really?” The woman responded. “Try it.”

She walks away, with Jenna telling her that she “recorded the whole thing” and plans on telling her parents.

Jenna goes on to show what she wearing that day.