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Published on May 20, 2018   by InTheBlack

Well That’s One Way To Quit Your Job. In Any Event Watch Latest Trending Videos Online On Imperial Hip Hop.

6 Replies to “Well That’s One Way To Quit Your Job | imperialhiphop.com”

  1. That bitch didn’t quit her job, she got fired and if she did quit her job, I bet you she stupid enough to use them as a reference

  2. Now if I had just became her former coworker at that moment. I would’ve showed her how to really quit a job. And pushed her ass down so fucking hard. That push that makes the back of your head touch the back of your neck. I be damn if the manager makes me pick that shit up.

  3. Lol fuck subways…owned by a bunch of hooked nose camel jockeys!…they going out of business anyway …home of Jared Fogle and processed meat made of mostly salt and water…she should be happy they fired her….they all gonna be outa jobs soon…

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