White guy goes on racist rant at Taco restaurant over one Spanish word


Published on Mar 29, 2019   by InTheBlack

Surveillance footage of a California man going on a racist rant over a bilingual menu at a Mexican restaurant is going viral on social media. A security camera at a Palapas Tacos restaurant in Anaheim, Calif., captured the man ranting at restaurant staffers and even making threats about calling immigration authorities on Monday. “That’s bullsh*t! It says it in Mexican,” the angry customer, who has not yet been identified, says in reference to the menu in footage obtained by a local Fox station. “I’m an American, I don’t do Spanish,” he continued. “Go get a hamburger. Go get a hot dog.” Juan Del Rio, the owner of Palapas Tacos, told the station that the man became irate because he didn’t understand a word on a special menu board that was written in Spanish.
“This customer, I found out, he was not understanding the special being Friday instead of Monday,” Del Rio said. Del Rio said footage captured by the restaurant’s security camera shows the man not only being belligerent to staff but also to customers as well. “It says it in Mexican. We’re not in Mexico. We’re in America! Above the border. The red, the line. I’m an American!” the unidentified man yelled in the video.

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