Woman Spent 3 Months In Jail For Cotton Candy


Published on Nov 30, 2018   by InTheBlack

A Georgia woman spent three months in jail after two deputies said a field test of a blue substance found in a car she was in turned up positive for methamphetamine. But it wasn’t meth. It was cotton candy. Dasha Fincher claims that while she was in jail she missed several major life events, including the birth of twin grandchildren, and was refused medical care for a broken hand and ovarian cyst. Now she’s filed a lawsuit against Monroe County and the three officers involved for wrongful imprisonment and violating her civil rights. The lawsuit also targets Sirchie Acquisition Company, the maker of the field kit the deputies used to produce the mistaken test result.

One Reply to “Woman Spent 3 Months In Jail For Cotton Candy”

  1. We all know cotton candy is code for meth. Lmfao. Like alot of other drugs, code names are used all the time:
    Meth – Cotton Candy
    Heroin – Slinky
    Crack – Milk Nuggets
    Acid – Door Knob
    Shrooms – Shoelace Tony
    Weed – Kelloggs Cornflakes
    Use these wisely. Lol

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