Why Won’t Anybody Hire Me with a MASTERS DEGREE?


Published on Feb 2, 2018   by InTheBlack

Why Won’t Anybody Hire Me with a MASTERS DEGREE? Meet Melanie. She has a masters degree and has sent in hundreds of applications, but still no job. This is her story. She’s 23 and unemployed (at least at the time of this video; posted in 2016) Her parents weren’t able to go to college. Her sister and 2 brothers have. Bachelors in Mass Communications & Theatre; Masters in Film & Television. She was very involved on campus (including a sorority). She listed everything she did in the first minute. She really admires her father who is a hard worker and worked very hard to provide for her, her mother and siblings. She has sent out many applications to jobs in the field and had some interviews but was turned down for either having too much education or little experience. She says she is moving to Atlanta and her dad is cosigning for her to get an apt. She has 3 mos worth of living $ set aside.

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