Zodwa Wabantu Videos | What Them Legs Do?


Published on Aug 10, 2018   by InTheBlack

Zodwa Wabantu Videos | What Them Legs Do? In Any Event Watch Latest Trending Videos Online On Imperial Hip Hop.

10 Replies to “Zodwa Wabantu Videos | What Them Legs Do?”

  1. I’ve been noticing this shit a lot lately dudes not paying attention to the females and they be butt naked and the females are the ones paying attention to females….. WTF

    1. I also would like to add, I’ve noticed as of late in a bunch of T.v. commercials they only hire light skin maidens with ” curly ” hair. & I hardly ever see just dark skin maidens. smh
      Well… i’m headed back to Dinoville my humans!

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